Episode #9 (Beastie Boys and Manmosas)

Episode #9 (Beastie Boys and Manmosas)

We invite our friends Jes and KC over to listen to some Beastie Boys tunes.  We get our man-brunch-drink-on with a ton of Manmosas. Some topics include the Utah outdoors and movies that are either filmed in or Utah or mention Utah in some way.  For trivia we play the game Smartass.  So grab a cold one and join us for another episode.


2 responses to “Episode #9 (Beastie Boys and Manmosas)

  1. Hey b-holes. Solid episode with some pretty interesting info about Utah. I hate to say this but Codeezy-fa-sheezy was totally right about Scott Baio playing Bob Loblaw attorney at law. You dumb bastards. Love you!

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