Episode # 26 (High West 7000′ Vodka and Christmas)

Episode # 26 (High West 7000′ Vodka and Christmas)

Jingle bells Batman smells we get really sleighed!  Merry Christmas everyone.  On this episode of This is the Place Podcast we invite our friends Jesse and Kris over to get merry.  It’s pretty easy when you finish off a bottle of High West’s 7000′ Vodka. We review the new movie Krampus and it gets a little heated. We all get put on the naughty list after this one, so put on a fire and snuggle in for this very Christmas episode.

Disclaimer: There may be Star Wars, Krampus and Christmas spoilers in this episode.  If you haven’t seen these movies or if Santa still comes to your house, you may want to wait until you have seen the movies, or are 15 years of age. Enjoy!


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