Episode #8 (Fugazi and Five Wives Vodka)

Episode #8 (Fugazi and Five Wives Vodka)

We invite James Burke and Jesse Carlton over to drink a local, Five Wives Vodka, and we listen to a bunch of Fugazi songs. We bring back bad movie reviews with “The Peanut Butter Solution” We also play Real or Onion and movie trivia. Enjoy!

Notes: During the Peanut Butter Solution Review I lost audio on my microphone somewhere along the way.  So you can only hear me through the other mics quietly but, I guess that’s what you get for running a podcast drunk.  Hope it’s not too annoying. Apologies. Also I think I got this one to be a bit louder for your listening pleasure!



2 responses to “Episode #8 (Fugazi and Five Wives Vodka)

  1. Hey buttholes. Just wanted to let you know that Blake the dickbag was wrong when he said Carrie Fisher was only in 3 good movies because after Star Wars she was in The Burbs which is an amazing movie. Cheers fuckholes!

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