Episode #18 (Nirvana and Michelob)

Episode #18 (Nirvana and Michelob)

We finally obtain Michelob Lager, a beer we can’t get in Utah for some reason.  We also review the band Nirvana.  Have you heard of them?  We hadn’t, but I guess they are getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or something, so we thought that we would check them out.  We bring on two very special guests at the end of the podcast to play a game we ripped off from another great podcast.  Enjoy.


2 responses to “Episode #18 (Nirvana and Michelob)

  1. Hey dudes! Sorry, I know I’m behind the times but my obsessive compulsive personality requires me to say Dave Grohl actually played drums and guitar on pretty much the entire Probot album and he actually only played drums on ‘Songs for the deaf’ and a couple tracks on ‘…like clockwork’ for Queens. Sorry I’m a doucher for saying that so long after the show aired. On another note if you ever want to have St. Vincent as your featured music, hit me up because I have a bunch of her music. She’s pretty rad. Love you bitches and thanks for keep on keepin in.

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