Episode 3 (Christmas and Ron Matusalem Rum)

Episode 3 Christmas and Ron Matusalem Rum

Welcome to Episode 3!  Your favorite “This is the Place Podcast” hosts, Cody and Blake, bring on our first guest Kris Green.  We listen to some unconventional Christmas music while getting a little too drunk on Ron Matusalem’s Rum.  Kris takes on Cody at trivia time games and we do a new segment called Drunkapedia, where we get drunk and try to remember what we read earlier in the week from only the Wikipedia page of Santa Claus.  This one gets pretty ridiculous.  Hope you enjoy.


3 responses to “Episode 3 (Christmas and Ron Matusalem Rum)

  1. Fun fact that could have tied Lethal Weapon more into the Christmas theme: Darlene Love, who played Danny Glover’s wife, recorded the classic “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” on the killer (no pun intended) Phil Spector Christmas album back in the early 60s.

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